Magic Hands

While in the presence of pediatric physical therapists you might hear “Wow, she has magic hands!”  This is often whispered after someone has done the seemingly impossible; laying their hands in the perfect place at the perfect time.   Alternately, you might hear “It’s not like he has magic hands, anyone can learn to do that”.      I’ve always bristled at the mention of “magic” while secretly believing in it.  What is the magic, anyway?

Today I heard an interesting statement which  I’ve been pondering: “Artistic creativity is magical but it’s not magic.  It’s a product of the brain”.    Around the time of my physical therapy license exam, an acquaintance mentioned how fortunate I was to be going into the field of physical therapy.  “It’s a science and an art” she said.  That has proven true. Physical therapy is described as such in our practice code.

This website is an exploration of the science, theory, ideas and techniques that when blended together with artistic creativity can produce that magical experience that keeps every day new and exciting.



Author: spritelypt

Pediatric physical therapist

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