What Does the NDTA Enablement Model Add to the ICF?

In this post I will continue to discuss the framework of the ICF.  However, hoping not to confuse things,  today I am going to briefly talk about NDTA interpretation of the ICF -which is called the NDTA Enablement Model.  This model  adds one category: POSTURE, ALIGNMENT AND MOVEMENT.    This  answers the question of how a child moves.  If you are passionate about alignment and quality of movement, you are going to love thinking about what to put into this section.

the NDTA Enablement Model is not part of the traditional WHO ICF but an additional category added by the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association specifically because it is helpful for PT, OT and ST problem solving while using the NDT concept.  The observations can be often be observed in multiple positions and during a variety of activities.

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History of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health

Author: spritelypt

Pediatric physical therapist

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