One Child’s Response to “What is Your Favorite Thing to Do?”


Exciting changes are happening in the field of pediatric physical therapy.  While participation was once off the list of important things, it is now at the very top of the list.  Also, while therapists were once the consultants, we are now the collaborators with parents and the children themselves.  I find this is so refreshing!

I recently questioned a very bright eight-year-old girl; I know her very well.  She uses a wheelchair and is very fun-loving.  “What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?”  I ask.  I’m thinking the response is going to be adaptive swimming or going to a theme park or something organized and very exciting.  The answer was “take a walk with my mom to the library”.    I don’t know if this will be the answer next week, but I loved that it was so candid and simple.  Participation doesn’t have to be something big and exciting.  It’s just the regular things too, and it’s what the child chooses as important.

Author: spritelypt

Pediatric physical therapist

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